Mission & Purpose:  Preserve and promote the military history of the organization; Foster camaraderie among present and former members of the Communications Support Element (CSE), the Joint Communications Support Element (JCSE), the 224th Joint Communications Support Squadron (JCSS)(GA Air National Guard), the 290th Joint Communications Squadron (JCSS)(FL Air National Guard), the 4th Joint Communications Squadron (JCS) Army Reserve Element (ARE), and other selected individuals who have contributed to the accomplishment of the military mission; Develop a scholarship program to promote support for educational needs or continuing education goals for JCSE-VA members or their immediate Family members; to Recognize accomplishments and contribute to various charitable, educational, and military professional development programs and activities.

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You are eligible to join if  you are a current or former member of the CSE, JCSE, 4th JCS, 5th JCS, 224th JCSS or 290th JCSS 

2024 JCSE-VA Reunion - 15-19 May 2024

Primary Reunion LocationHilton Tampa Airport Westshore, Lois Ave, Tampa 

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JCSE Veterans Association

P.O. Box 6032

MacDill AFB, Florida  33608

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