JCSE-VA Merchandise

            JCSE-VA Embroidered Merchandise            by Venus Akins

JCSE-VA Branded Attire shown below is available for sale.    To place orders, email Lamont Akins @ foxakins1@aol.com 

for available items & prices

Barbara Owens & Venus Akins

White Short or  Long Sleeve Dress Shirt S/M/L   $50.00  - XL to 5X $55.00 

Special Order Colored Dress Shirts $65.00

Long Sleeve Shirt Yoke (back of shirt below collar)

Short Sleeve "Polo" Shirt White/Black/Purple S/M/L - $35  - XL  to 5X $40

JCSE-VA Patrol Cap Tan/OD Green/Black/Grey - $20.00

JCSE-VA Patrol Cap Camoflauge Colors   Blue/Green/Pink/Woodland - $25.00

                JCSE-VA  Thermal Mug - $15.00

             JCSE 50-Year History Book $15.00 (only a small quantity left)