Veterans Association Gold Coin

Order of the Gold Coin

Prior to the 2002 JCSE Veterans Association Reunion at the Marriott Waterside Hotel in downtown Tampa, Florida, The Board of Directors decided that they would present engraved Gold JCSE-VA Coins to a select few members that had unselfishly donated an abundance of personal time and resources for the betterment of the association.  The initial recipients of the Gold Coin were:  Pete Dieck (Life Member #061 & Guest Speaker at the 2002 reunion), Charlie Monson (Life Member #003 & Membership Committee Chairman) & Bob Yee (Life Member #001 & Web Site Coordinator).


The Board of Directors subsequently decided that the initial gold coin recipients would form a committee which would review future gold coin nominations and provide a recommendation list to the Board of Directors for validation and presentation of JCSE-VA Gold Coins at the next reunion in 2004.   Future Gold Coin committees would only consist of past Gold Coin recipients.