JCSE-VA Scholarship Program

The JCSE Veterans Association Scholarship Program is to promote the higher educational goals of current and former members of the greater JCSE and their immediate family members.  Scholarships will be award on merit and not based on a defined discipline.  Meritorious awards will be determined by individual achievements, community service, efforts within individual disciplines and career aspirations upon completion of their academic pursuits.  All applicants must be Lifetime Members of the JCSE-VA to be eligible for the scholarship program.  Scholarships are accepted every year beginning in June with the annual awards announced in August of every year. 

2023 Scholarship Program Schedule

13 June 2023 - Scholarship Open Announcement

15 July 2023 - Scholarship Packet Deadline

August 2023 - Recipient Winner Announcement

Over the past twenty plus years we have provided over $70,000 in scholarship support to association members and their immediate families.  Our ability to support the educational goals of our members rely solely on the generous donations of others.  100% of all scholarship donations go directly to the educational fund.


Special Edition 3-Inch Benefactor Coins will be given for Donations of $500 or More 

Benefactor Coin Levels

Silver: $500 - $999

Gold: $1000 or More